The world we live in

Our worlds are constantly changing with new opportunities and challenges coming our way on a daily basis. Working out how to be effective and then how to implement that is an on-going challenge. Just like fitness you have to work at it. That’s certainly been and continues to be my experience.

When things come at us faster than we are able to process them we end up making difficult choices - often with incomplete or uncertain information. A performance approach needs to take account that our judgement isn't right 100% of the time.  My name is Damian Piper and I started Effective Challenge in 2013 with a desire to help others take their performance and results to a new level. 

An approach for you

There’s a high probability, almost a certainty, that if you want to strengthen your performance, you're going to need an approach which handles the good times and the frustrations. Whether you are an individual or a team looking to get specific about what you want to achieve, the environment you need to make that happen is enhanced when you have external challenge and support.  That’s where Effective Challenge can help.  

121 Coaching

You have your past, current challenges and future ahead of you. You have your set of values and numerous roles to fulfil. You have resources at your disposal and if you’re like everyone else, somethings that can get in the way of you fulfilling your potential.  All these things together make you unique. When coaching I work with you and everything that you bring. Together we work to turn your aspirations and desires into reality.

In partnership we develop a sustainable approach for the authentic you. Working on your foundations, your clarity about what you’d like to achieve and equally important clarifying why. We then ensure you have enough understanding about where you are today and how to make progress with the things that you want. With the approach in place we can then adapt and adjust what action is taken based on the results you’re seeing.

Team Coaching

You have a group of people with different backgrounds, different experiences and ideas about how to move forward. Added to that, you have different values and ideas about what it means to be successful. You all have lives outside of the team environment which influences the contribution to team life.

My team coaching encourages groups to understand each other more. Exploring how to build trust, how to operate at their best and deal with the situations when things inevitably don't go according to plan.  Working alongside each other we establish a powerful team way of working and get really practical about what it means to live by it. Getting clear on the things you want to achieve and how you can turn them into reality.


Bringing extensive experience of leading personal, team and organisational change to your specific challenge to help accelerate your journey and benefit from the lessons I've learned along the way. 

“Damian really helped me develop my thinking to set clear goals and a plan that took my karate to a new level. His knowledge and experience really helped me to develop techniques that improved my ability to operate at my best in pressure situations.   The added bonus is I can apply what I’ve learned in sport to other areas of my life. I’d recommend Damian to anyone wanting to step up and take his or her performance to the next level.”

Dean Brown, Lead Instructor – Shotokan Karate Club, London

“Damian has an evangelical streak that infects you with enthusiasm which simply makes you want to improve and do better. He has been a professional coach to me for over 4 years in one form or another and has been instrumental in gently guiding, through tips and tactics, many critical decisions that have helped me progress within Government. Damian has also helped me bridge that all-important gap between family and the workplace, me to really understand what I want to achieve and why. I can’t recommend Damian enough if you want to step up your own performance.”

Ben A – Head of Futures and Strategy, Office of the Chief Scientific Advisor for National Security, UK Government

“Damian’s enthusiasm for goal-setting inspired 160 GCSE students to have a go themselves.  His stories of moving from floor cleaner to security supremo held their attention while also providing invaluable tips and practical advice.  He had such a positive response that we’re inviting him back for a follow-up.”

Sam Pullan, Assistant Head, Highgate School

“I have known Damian for many years. As a person he embodies a set of values that most others might aim for but rarely reach – me included. This core set of beliefs and behaviours is the foundation for Effective Challenge. His own development story is inspirational and this is much more than a just a marketing statement. I know many, many people who have refocused their lives based on Damian’s example and with his support. Good help in this discipline is hard to find – Damian is the best I have come across by far.”

Steve Huxter, COO ByBox

“Damian delivered a “Developing Your Resilience” talk at London South Bank University for our graduates and was a thoroughly engaging speaker. His presentation slides were clear, thought-provoking and he offered useful strategies for people to develop resilience in any given situation. I received extremely positive feedback from attendees and would recommend Damian to any organisation as a high-quality speaker.”

Rishi Chopra, Senior Alumni Relations Officer, London South Bank University



“It was an absolutely brilliant session and it’s a credit to Damian that by 4.30pm on a sunny Sunday afternoon, everyone was still energised and engaged in the wrap-up, all looking at what we would be taking away and what our immediate actions would be. We’ve all learnt a huge amount that applies in everyday life as well as for RAAM and we’ve certainly come out a much more cohesive and focused team. Roll on RAAM!”

Penny Barker, Race Across America competitor

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