The world we live in

Our worlds are constantly changing with new opportunities and challenges coming our way on a daily basis. Working out how to be effective and then how to implement that is an on-going challenge. Just like fitness you have to work at it. That’s certainly been and continues to be my experience.

When things come at us faster than we are able to process them we end up making difficult choices - often with incomplete or uncertain information. A performance approach needs to take account that our judgement isn't right 100% of the time.  I started Effective Challenge in 2013 with a desire to help others work out their performance approach. I've developed an Enhanced Performance Process using my own experience, learning from others and academia to decode what it means to take on your 'effective challenge' and ultimately make more of your potential. 

An approach for you

There’s a high probability, almost a certainty, that if you want to strengthen your performance, you're going to need an approach which handles the good times and the frustrations. Whether you are an individual or a team looking to get specific about what you want to achieve, the environment you need to make that happen is enhanced when you have external challenge and support.

That’s where EC can help.  EC gets to the heart of what makes a person or team tick. The EC Enhanced Performance Process helps to identify which tools, tactics and strategies are right for you and your circumstances.

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