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Effective Challenge

Our Approach

We work with clients to strengthen their performance to move them from today's results to their desired future outcomes.

Our approach is designed in the practical realities of day-to-day life. We use a range of tools, tactics and questions that quickly get to the heart of what underpins a situation or makes a person tick. As a result, people are able to achieve more.

Those who follow our approach find they improve their ability to take on more challenging goals and more effectively deal with what comes their way.

For Individuals

Irrespective of your background or current experience we work with individuals to achieve what they want. Examples include sporting events, getting more resilient to deal with the demands of day-to-day life, or working towards a big career goal. We support and challenge to make the transition.

For Teams

Across all sectors, we help teams achieve real clarity about where they are heading and what it will take to get them there. Specific emphasis is dedicated to ensuring the right team dynamic is in place and people are able to hold each other to account.

For Organisations

Our work with organisations typically focuses at the senior level. Working to help set strategic direction and then put in place the right mechanisms to turn strategy into credible business change that achieves the results the organisation wants.

Why Effective Challenge?
Years of Experience

Drawing on 30 years of working in and with teams that have been required to perform at the highest standards of performance. We put people at the heart of the work we do as we strongly believe the attitude and the behaviour of people are the strongest indicator of sustained success.

Ideas to Reality

Using our knowledge to deliver appropriate people, strategic and change approaches is something we pride ourselves on. Whether in the Board room or sports arena we work closely with the client to apply our knowledge to their context. As a result, people become more resilient and achieve more stretching goals.

Proven Leadership

A strong track record of both personal and corporate leadership. Damian our lead coach and consultant draws upon 30 years of experience working in the security and defence sector, where he's performed a wide range of roles. These include developing organisational strategy and investment plans, leading transformational change programmes and leading geographically dispersed teams operating in pressurised environments. He also has significant experience in helping individuals improve their personal and professional leadership capabilities. This particular element draws on his own success journey.

Building Success
Personal Foundations

Putting in place the personal foundations for success is key to being able to make the most of our potential. Effective Challenge uses its PRIME model to help people understand more about their foundations and how they interact with each other.

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Key Elements

Identified through working with a broad range of people in Business, Sport, Government, Education, Charities, and the Military we believe there are some key elements that increase the chance of success - no matter what your objective is. This has been backed up by our own academic and personal experience. Our work whether with individuals, teams or organisations involves working out our to apply the elements to the specific situation or context and then working towards what the client wants.

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