Short, medium and long-term success

Short, medium and long-term success

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A friend has just been successful in getting a new job. Excited to have made it through the selection process they are super happy. And rightly so, it’s something they’ve wanted for a while.

There is something else to consider when it comes to whether this really is a success or not.  Time. The short-term win is potentially a longer-term fail (or learning experience…). You probably have an experience or know someone who thought something was a success that turned out to be something they’d rather they didn’t have to deal with.

So what’s the point to this post.  Be openminded about your successes and ‘learning experiences’. Of course, celebrate the short-term wins. Also, keep one eye on the future to spot the evidence of what once felt like a win turning into something that falls well short of what you want. And then take action.

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