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I’m passionate about helping people understand how to get the most from themselves and the situations that come their way to achieve what they want. The majority of my time is spent in professional environments supporting people. That work is great, however, there is something very special about working with individuals who want to push their own performance to a new level. With that in mind, I’ve developed a range of packages under the Effective Challenge brand to support you.

Is 2019 the year for you?

Stack the Odds

This is for you if you want to raise your awareness and develop a practical approach to ensure your foundations are where they need to be to get the best out of yourself. We will use the Effective Challenge PRIME model to raise awareness and ensure you have your key foundations where they need to be. There are no magic bullets however working out how to consistently deliver on the basics in each PRIME area will put you in a strong position to stack the ‘success odds’ in your favour to achieve what you want.


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This Time

This is for you if you’ve tried a number of times to achieve a goal that ends up being out of reach. You start with bags of enthusiasm and are motivated to do what it takes. You soon find that motivation dips and you are back to where you started. Each time you go round this unhelpful loop you feel a little more frustration build up. You are now ready to do what it’s going to take and commit to achieve your goal. This package provides the external challenge and support to help you achieve it.


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Event Success

This is for you if there’s an event on the horizon that you need to be at your best for. It might be a sporting event such as a marathon or cycling sportive? It might be your preparing to launch a new business. Or perhaps it’s exams? No matter what the siutation, the Event Success package will get you operating at your best with the right mindset to make the most out of the situations that come your way as you achieve what you want.


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Check in

This is for you if you could use some external accountability to help you stay focused and navigate the bumps in the road that you face when working on a particular goal. The check-in package is based around 30-60 minute conversations where we determine what you’re going to do between our sessions, how you’ve progressed and what’s behind any situations where you’ve fallen short of what you want.


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Deliberate Action

This is for you if you have a big dream that you keep thinking about yet don’t seem to take the necessary action in a consistent way. We’ll work together to assess the dream and then work out an approach that fits around the competing demands you face so you can achieve what you want in a sustainable way.


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Immediate Response

This is for you if you’ve been thrown a challenge and need an immediate response to help you deal with the situation. We’ll cover bringing perspective, making sense of the factors involved and determining what to do.  Some examples of situations where this package help include, you’ve been made redundant, your boss has just resigned and you’ve been asked to temporarily step up or you didn’t get the promotion you’ve been working hard towards.

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Sometimes it’s not clear precisely what sort of support you want. You are just frustrated by the self-help approach not working for you. Don’t let that get in the way. In fact, it’s more common than you might imagine. With this in mind, I can develop a bespoke package for you to consider after we have an initial no obligation conversation.

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