Packages for Organisations and Teams

Could you be getting better results?

Organisations and teams have the potential to achieve so much. Yet so many are only able to achieve a  fraction of what’s possible. Faulty foundations and a mismatch between expectations and the reality being faced are common drivers for falling short of potential.   Get these elements right and they provide the mechanism to achieve great things. And perhaps as important create an environment that fosters sustained growth, change and positive wellbeing.  My experience of working in and with high-performing teams and drawing on relevant research provide the backdrop to the Effective Challenge approach to managing change and delivering results you require.

Below is a sample of previous programmes delivered for clients. Some could be relevant to your setting. If you think your situation requires something different, let’s talk about what a package could look like to meet your needs.

Winning Way of Working

When teams click and understand each other they get so much more done. Too often, teams don’t put enough effort into practically working out how to work together. As a result, they spend more time and energy dealing with miscommunication, team politics and a host of things which detract from the team being at their best.  The EC Winning Way of Working programme is designed to work with the team to develop the right foundations and culture for high performance. This gets to the practical realities of team life in your environment and assesses how the team could respond when things don’t go as you’d like.

Rousing Resilience

As part of team development, some teams spend time in off-site working out how to improve. Often these events fail to pull through into actual improvement.  Why? There are probably multiple reasons for this. A common reason is the team don’t explore their own resilience and what it’s going to practically take to implement an improvement plan. The Rousing Resilience package works with a team to explore behaviours, the operating environment, skills and choices about how the team spend their time. This isn’t a one hit event.  We would also work out an approach to review progress. Which raises accountability and ultimately improve the team’s resilience.

Outstanding Outcomes

Teams are set up to achieve outcomes. Be it a strategic shift, sporting success or a charity making a positive impact. To achieve outstanding outcomes requires sustained effort and a coherent understanding of what you’re aiming for and current reality. This EC package provides an approach which will see you ensure your culture supports what you want to achieve and how that might need to evolve as circumstances change.  And ensure the team members fully contribute and support each other to make progress.  We would discuss what level of support and challenge you require and as a result the level of contact time. One of the common elements of feedback I get is that this package builds confidence and breaks down what’s required to achieve an outcome into practical delivery.

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