Coaching how does it work?

How do we know we can work together?

I always want to ensure you get the most value from our sessions. If after we have discussed the areas you’d like to make progress with and we both think there could be benefit in us working together I’ll offer to develop some ideas about what that could look like. We can then discuss the ideas and see if there’s a package that meets your particular circumstances.

What’s a package look like?

I spend time thinking about and developing a package that could best meet your specific needs. There’s a broad range of topics people want to work on. These will require an investment in time, money and energy. It’s common that I work with people between six and twelve months. Alternatively, some people approach me with a very specific near-term goal they want support with. Therefore the engagement can be shorter, examples include; preparing for a Board meeting, preparing for an interview and getting clarity to kick-start a particular project. So the answer to what’s a package looks like, varies depending on what you are looking to achieve.

Where would we meet?

There are a number of variables in play to determine where and how we would meet. Time, subject matter and cost all play a part. We’d discuss all of these when determining what package is right for you. Increasingly technology like Skype is playing a bigger role, particularly when working with people in different time zones. Over the years I’ve come to realise that all approaches have their place. Providing there is a connection between us when we are having a session the medium or physical location matters less. With the right conversation, people can have terrific breakthroughs and insights irrespective of the medium.

Ok, I’m interested in understanding more, what’s the next step?

Let’s begin by setting up an initial conversation. There’s no obligation on your part as a result of this. Typically there are three objectives for this conversation:

  • We get to know each other better.
  • We will talk through what’s happening for you at the moment.
  • We discuss where you’d like to make progress.

Drop me a line to initiate the conversation.

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