Why ‘weight’ for 2017?

Why ‘weight’ for 2017?

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mince-pieI’ve had three conversations over the last week with people talking about a goal of loosing weight in 2017. Eating well is a core component for resilience. So I’m always interested to talk about it.

As I would always encourage, start today. Christmas is 10 days away. So instead of waiting until after the festivities, why not kick start some pre holiday good behaviours. This doesn’t mean living like a monk. Here are three choices to consider:

  1. Go for a better breakfast – try porridge. The sachets you can get now are easy to prepare and if you get plain ones you can customise to your hearts content. 
  2. On the breakfast theme – instead of meeting people for drinks after work, how about meeting for breakfast. The reduction in alcohol will make a big difference.
  3. Think about the day ahead and plan your intake accordingly. For example, if you’re out for dinner or drinks in the evening make the commitment not to tuck into the mince pies that turn up at lots of business meetings during the day.

A little proactivity will go a long way to getting you tee’d up for the start of the holidays. You never know you may even loose some of that weight. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you are happy with the choices you make. And most importantly have fun and spend time with the people you care about over the Christmas and New Year break. 

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