Taking a proper break

Taking a proper break

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Taking a proper break

A post from Damian

In today's connected world it's easy to skip over the value of a 'proper-break'. Having just returned from a terrific two-week break in Puerto Pollenca, Majorca it reminds me how important taking rest is. Rest is a vital part of the Effective Challenge PRIME model. I, and when working with others encourage thinking of rest from different perspectives, for example, short breaks during the day, the sleep you need (different for everyone) and extended breaks. The benefits are often overlooked or ignored. I'm taking these three from my holiday.

1. Spending quality time with people you like to be around and care about.
2. Spending time properly recharging physically and mentally.
3. Bringing a fresh perspective to situations.

I get that it's not easy for everyone to disconnect. If you can, go for it, or as a minimum put interventions in place to ensure that others understand you're on a break and therefore only to be disturbed for time-sensitive urgent issues.

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