Success Elements

Look After Yourself First

The foundation of peoples' performance is that they look after themselves physically and mentally. Too often people fail to invest appropriately in this foundational element of their performance. It's common for the lack of investment to generate a significant setback or at the very least stop them from realising their full potential. We use our PRIME model to help clients to make progress.

The Vision (your North-Star)

Whether individual, team or organisation having a strong vision is critical to success. We like the expression north-star as we believe just like the north-star a strong vision will provide direction. A strong vision is long enough to be meaningful and short enough to be memorable.

Building Blocks

Doing the analysis of what the building blocks are for any given goal or task is key to helping understand what it will actually take to be successful. Armed with this information, people become empowered to determine their aiming points in pursuit of what they want to achieve.


Experimenting different approaches and learning the lessons of what works and what doesn’t, enhances your ability to move at speed. The simplicity of plan, do, review is something we’ve seen work successfully in all settings. This requires humility and an ability to ask great questions to get the best from situations. Also to admit when what your doing isn't working and therefore needs a change.

The Right Work

The element which binds everything else together is the right work. Great things typically take sustained effort. This is helped when you have objectivity and balance about what your priorities are and where to focus your effort. Getting the right gearing between the different elements is therefore key and something that requires ongoing adjustment to adapt to the dynamic environment you are operating in.


An honest assessment of where you are today is a key ingredient to being able to make the transition to where you want to be. Often people skip over this step and then get frustrated when their progress fails to meet their expectations.

Proactive Risk Management

It’s inevitable that when you take on challenging goals you’ll need to handle risks to what you want to achieve. Being proactive in how you manage these situations is something we encourage. Getting practical about how to navigate situations before they blow-up and where this does happen the early intervention mitigates their impact.

Celebrate Success Along the Way

Keeping motivation up helps if you allow time and space to celebrate success. We've yet to come across one successful person who doesn't have a good support team around them. Ensuring you celebrate with the team is a strong part of the recipe for success. Oh, and don't wait until the ultimate goal is achieved. Celebrate successes along the way.

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