Stacking the Odds

Stacking the Odds

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I love helping people understand how to get the most from themselves and the situations that come their way. The majority of my time is spent in professional environments supporting people. That work is great, however, there is something very special about working with individuals who want to push their own performance to a new level. With that in mind, I’ve developed a range of coaching packages under the Effective Challenge brand to support you.

I’m excited about this new Effective Challenge project as I’m confident the packages can add real value for people wanting to achieve something different.  The packages are aimed at individuals who want to push their own development to the next level. Over the coming months, I’ll be introducing a number of packages.  My first to introduce is a package aimed at ‘stacking the odds’ in your favour.

The Stacking the Odds package is for you if you want to raise your awareness and develop a practical approach to ensure your foundations are where they need to be to get the best out of yourself. We will use the Effective Challenge PRIME model to cover five areas of performance: Physical, Rest, Intake, Mind and Energy.  There’s no magic bullet with these topics however working out how to consistently deliver on the basics in each area will put you in a strong position to stack the ‘success odds’ in your favour.

I’ve got really high expectations that if you’ve got things you want to achieve yet seem to get in your own way the Stacking the Odds package can get your foundations where they need to be. If this sounds like something you could benefit from to make 2019 your best yet, register your interest. Places will be limited and are coming available soon.

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