Stacking the Odds

Chances are some, perhaps many of the words above will be relevant to you. Different areas of your life sending things your way to make progress on, take decisions or simply enjoy. At times it can feel like all this happens at pace which often means you end up taking short-cuts on the things that really matter. You tell yourself stories. Some good, some less so. Perhaps the story of when you just get through this period things will improve. Or when things quieten down then you’ll get round to making more time for yourself. Only that day or time never seems to arrive. As a result overtime, you end up moving further away from being your best. Often ending up putting the people and things you really care about second.

The modern world increasingly relies on us to be proactive with things like our health and wellbeing. If now is the time for you make a some adjustments that will help you improve things in a sustainable way then, the Stack the Odds package is for you.

The Stacking the Odds package is designed to raise your awareness and develop a practical approach to ensure your foundations are where they need to be to get the best out of yourself. After taking a step back to assess your situation we will use the Effective Challenge PRIME model to cover five foundations of performance: Physical, Rest, Intake, Mind and Energy.  There’s no magic bullet with these topics; however, working out how to consistently deliver on the basics in each area will put you in a strong position to stack the ‘success odds’ in your favour.

There are a range of options to consider depending on your circumstances. The options varying in depth and duration. If you’d like to do something about your foundations let’s arrange a conversation.

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