sir dave brailsfordEffective challenge has been fortunate enough to ask Sir Dave Brailsford of British Cycling a question about leadership. The questions was this “for a leader who inspires many, who inspires you?”. The video below gives his answer. Which is basically inspiring leaders are everywhere in all walks of life.

You need to be on the look out for them.

Sir Dave Brailsford answers Effective Challenge question


What an interesting stand point and one I whole heatedly agree with. For me leadership isn’t a position its a choice. No matter where you are in an organisation or society you have a choice to adopt a leadership attitude and more importantly leadership actions. The goal of Effective Challenge is to enourage people to increase their personal effectiveness links firmly with this.

So why don’t you get on the look out in the coming seven days for leadership examples that standout in your life and share them back with the EC community.

Good luck.

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