Setting up objectivity for success

Effective Challenge is about being able to achieve sustained performance improvement through increased focus and balance. One of the foundations of this approach is awareness of the different responsibilities we have.

We all have a range of responsibilities in our lives or put another way roles. Understanding where we are in those roles will enable you to objectively assess one role to another. It's inevitable that individual roles will dominate from time-to-time. And to a point, that's fine, even essential.  It's necessary that we keep this in check though, as failure to do that can lead to a real imbalance and longer-term issues. A practical way to help you to manage this is by regularly completing a Wheel-of-Life exercise. 

The WoL is used by many to bring objectivity and to assess how they are doing across the different roles in their lives. In its most basic application, it starts by working out your current assessment for each role by giving yourself a score out of 10. Once complete you'll have a coherent view of how things are for you. You can then decide if you need to take action. Using the WoL regularly will give you an excellent basis to achieve balance and the ability to make decisions in a more informed way. 

Don't be fooled by the simplicity. Download and customise the Wheel of life template to give it ago. 

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