Setting up for success


We use a model to help raise awareness of the building blocks of performance - PRIME. PRIME is a mnemonic which stands for Physical, Rest, Intake, Mind and Energy. Ensuring we are giving these areas appropriate attention is key to our performance.

More information on PRIME
Weekly Routine

Giving ourselves the opportunity to step back and assess what is going on in our worlds and prepare for the up and coming period puts us in a strong position to ensure we are handling our priorities appropriately. EC recommends developing a weekly routine to support you. Here's a generic version for you to customise.

Weekly Routine Example
Daily Prep

It's all very well having vision, goals and longer-term plans. One of the challenges many people face is closer to home. It's the tactical challenge and in some cases grind of daily life that they most need to tackle to set themselves up for success.

Some Daily Prep Ideas
Getting Better Objectivity

We all have a range of responsibilities in our lives or put another way roles. Understanding where we are in those roles will enable you to objectively assess one role in relation to another. It’s inevitable that certain roles will dominate from time-to-time. And to a point that’s fine, even essential. It’s important that we keep this in check though, as failure to do that can lead to a real imbalance and longer-term issues.

Objectivity Assesor
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