Rest has three elements to it. Sleep, short-breaks and extended-breaks. 

Sleep needs are relative to the individual. Typically, people need between 6 – 8 hours. Raising your awareness of how better or worse you feel as a result of the amount and quality of your sleep will give you the opportunity to make adjustments to maintain your optimum. For most people, this is something they continuously need to manage as it's dependent on what they are doing during the day. 

Short-breaks are something that will rarely grab you and say 'take me'. There is a very real benefit to taking short breaks throughout the course of the day. They allow us to recalibrate and bring perspective to what’s been going on. As we get better at this we reduce the chances of taking one meeting or situation into the next. Taking time for lunch is a really obvious example.

Extended-breaks, typically at least two weeks in duration, helps us to really recharge both physically and mentally. This helps with getting a sense of proportion about what we are doing with our lives and often can help with unblocking challenges we are facing.

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