Podium Performances

Podium Performances

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A couple of weeks into 2019 and for me it feels like the year is already moving at pace. Christmas seems like weeks ago. As you think about what you’d like to achieve over the coming 12 months how certain are you that you are setting yourself up for a podium performance?

I like the phrase podium performance. To me, it feels like a great standard to strive for. I’m not just talking about the people who look to win at all costs. That type of mentality can have a detrimental impact on your performance and wellbeing. I think you can determine your own podium based on your circumstances and start point.

Have a think about the standard you want to hit in different aspects of life or the roles you perform and set the criteria about what being on the podium would be like. For example, perhaps it’s podium level feedback for your team, or perhaps it’s podium level relationship with your teenager or even a podium level performance for developing a hobby.  Where it involves someone else, why not get them involved in working out the criteria and perhaps, more importantly, the results!

(Podium Girl artwork provided by my daughter.)

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