There are a number of elements to invest in when it comes to Physical component of PRIME. Here are three to get you going.

Exercise. There are benefits to regular exercise, from near-term mood thru to long-term health and well-being.  You don’t have to be investing hours and hours to gain benefit. Ideally, you’d be doing some form of moderate exercise 3 – 5 days a week. What exercise you do is a matter of personal preference. We encourage you to think about how you could integrate exercise into your life rather than seeing it as an awkward add on. Where possible incorporating exercise into your commute is a practical solution that many people find beneficial. Success often comes down to organisation. Having the right kit in the right place at the right time is an obvious example. If you are not already satisfied with your current exercise regime then have a think about what action you could take to improve things.


Breathing. Breathing has a real impact on our performance. The term ‘take a deep breath’ really is good advice when you’re up against it. Also getting in the habit of being aware of how you’re breathing more generally is beneficial. Breathing is in many ways unusual when it comes to how our body performs in that it’s automatic, you don’t need to think about breathing it just happens unless we want to take control. If we do take control we can quickly impact how we’re breathing which can have a positive impact on a number of areas including, stress, anxiety, blood pressure and heart rate.  Practice breathing deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth and see what impact it has.


Body Language. There is a growing awareness of the impact of body language on others. There is less written and understood about the impact of our own body language on ourselves. We are constantly sending messages to our brains and our body language plays a big part in this. Adopting a slouched body posture encourages us to become lethargic and in some cases switch off. Likewise having our arms folder can send the message that we are under threat and therefore signal our bodies to start getting ready to defend itself. What could you introduce to raise awareness of your body language?  

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