Learning from the Red Arrows

Learning from the Red Arrows

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Learning from the Red Arrows

Sitting on Studland Beach in Dorset I was treated to a free display from the Red Arrows (they were part of the Bournemouth Air Festival further up the coastline). As they move at speed through the air, it's hard not to be impressed. What could we learn from their approach?

Here are three observations.

  1. Getting clarity of objective. As the team move from one formation to another, it's clear each person knows exactly what their role is and how to perform it with excellence. What could you do to increase the level of clarity in your team to increase delivery excellence?
  2. Training. I'm not sure exactly how much the team train. Experience tells me that to deliver at this standard takes 100s of hours of dedicated training. How could you dedicate more time to training for your key deliverables?
  3. Trust in team members. To fly that close together and at that speed requires real trust of your colleagues. Personal differences put to one side to deliver. Are you doing enough to build trust in your team to improve performance?

Which of the above could you make progress on in the next seven days?

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