Learning from Monsters Inc.

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sully mikeExcited at a trip to see the latest Disney Pixar movie Monsters University, my daughter wanted to rewatch the first film in the series, Monsters Inc. I took three things away from the movie that I wasn’t expecting. And more importantly they could readily be applied to everyday life.

  1. In the movie all the monsters ‘believe’ that children are toxic and if you get touched by a child your life is under threat. Of course that’s not the case. It took some time for Sully (the movies star) to realise that was just a false perception. What have you been told by others and have just accepted?
  2. The Monsters spend their days trying to extract screams from children. The screams are then converted into energy. Almost by accident Sully realises that laughter is much more powerful than screams. This ended up being a complete shift in the way the company was run. How open are you to new ways of working?
  3. And finally, the slogan of the company ‘working today for a brighter future’. I don’t think this needs any explanation. What are you currently working on that will improve your future?

Why don’t you look to learn from alternative places over the next week?

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