Wiggo lifting bikeFollowing on from my last post. Bradley Wiggins was successful in his goal to break the cycling world hour record. He rode 54.526KM (33.88 miles). Impressive stuff. What can we learn from that event when thinking about our plans and goals? Here’s three observations:
1) Things happen outside your control – an example of this from Wiggins’ attempt was the weather. The air pressure was less than ideal for the ride. Having the ability to recognise things outside your control is something that takes honest objectivity and practice. Unfortunately it’s not always as obvious as the weather. More likely it’ll be something less clear cut. An example I see regularly is when people are unsuccessful with getting a new job. Often they place all of the outcome at their door. And of course that can be the case. However, there are multiple alternatives. Asking did I commit myself and prepare in the right way? What could I prepare differently if going for the role again? Questions like these can help to gain objectivity. Of course it could just be that the job was already stitched up behind the scenes and nothing you could have done would have made any difference. If you’re thinking that’s unfair – well sometimes things are. Expending too much energy dwelling on them isn’t going to change the outcome so its time to accept the situation and move on to something more productive.
2) Recognise your team when you’re finished. After Wiggins had finished and become the new world record holder he quickly acknowledged his support team. First up were his wife and children. He explained how they’ve had to live with him whilst he’s gone through the challenges of training and now know far more about “weather atmospheric pressure” than they ever thought possible. For many of us it’s not quite so obvious when we should say thank you. It’s important that we do though. Don’t take it for granted that they know you appreciate them.
3) Hard work pays off. Having been lucky enough to witness the record attempt live at the London Olympic velodrome I was incredibly impressed with the consistency of Wiggins’ performance. He has a reputation for someone who when focused on a goal he believes in, will dedicate himself 100% to making it a success. I think that played out for the hour on the 7th June. He certainly has natural ability. Yet it’s too easy to skip over the hard work and no doubt sacrifice he has made to achieve what he’s done. Would people say that about you when describing your approach to achieving a significant goal? If they do, you are no doubt getting decent results as in my experience dedication and the right hard work does pay off.
How could you apply the above three observations to a goal you’re working on right now? Have a think. We’d love to hear about what you’ve come up with.
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