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Rework 2Sit back and prepare to have your thinking challenged. Rework is a book that will ask some insightful questions about you and your business. My guess is that as you canter through the short chapters there’ll be times when you feel fairly uncomfortable – as the authors describe something that makes great sense then you realise you do the opposite. Ouch.

The book is organised into sections which comprise of 5-10 short chapters. Each chapter picks a topic and ‘reworks’ it in a page or two. There’s a good chance you won’t agree with all the big statements that get made. For me that’s fine. What it’s doing is challenging the status quo of how you think about and conduct work. You could read it and think much of this can only apply to a small business. If you find yourself in this position I’d encourage you to work a little harder and think transferable.

Here’s an example. Policy gets described as ‘organisational scar tissue’. Meaning that for many organisations an immediate response to something not going well is to create a policy. The book just asks why you wouldn’t say to the one individual ‘don’t do that please.’ ¬†Obvious point until you start to consider your own policies.

So, elements of this book will make you smile, some will make you think but on the whole I hope it encourages you to act differently. Surely any book that promotes different ways of thinking over long hours is worth some of your consideration?

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