Three elements to consider with intake. What you eat, drink and when.  Before explaining more about the three elements we want to say that we are not advocating people live their lives like monks. We simply encourage raising awareness of what we put into our bodies and when.

Food. Having an awareness of what fuel our bodies will need for the demands of the day puts us in a stronger position to make choices about what to eat. We’d always encourage balance in our diet and consideration to the macronutrients our bodies need: carbohydrates, fats and protein. Fresh is best and forward planning significantly enhances your chances of achieving a decent balance. And that planning begins as you think about what to buy from the supermarket.

Drink. There are multiple benefits to keeping hydrated including enhanced brain function, increased alertness and flushing out unhelpful toxins we pick-up from other food and drink. Not all fluids are helpful in the hydration process. Despite having other benefits, both alcohol and caffeine have a negative impact on our hydration so thought needs to be given to the amount you are consuming of both. Aim for a minimum of 2-litres of water a day (more if you exercise).

When. Taking into account the timing of what you’re up to and then fuelling for it appropriately, unsurprisingly has a positive impact on our performance and well-being. The goal is to avoid starving ourselves. Smaller, more regular balanced intake helps to avoid spikes in our blood sugar levels which in turn will bring stability to our energy levels.

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