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weekly reviewThe weekly review and  forward plan keeps you on  top of your commitments  and actions whilst getting  alignment with your values  and your key roles in life.  Done regularly it becomes the foundation for sustained success and balance. Here’s a basic approach to get you started. Adapt this and make it your own. The more aligned you can get it with your personal situation, the more inclined you’ll be to do it regularly and then reap the benefit.

Getting in the right frame of mind

  • Connect with my values: insert your own values list
  • Connect with my roles: insert your own roles list
  • Connect with the past week: take some time thinking about what worked well over the last week and note any things you’d like to develop further

Five steps to getting clear

Step 1 – Collect in (don’t process)

  • Last weeks diary
  • Work bag
  • Various mail inboxes
  • Wallet/purse
  • Text messages
  • Desk
  • In your head
  • Around the house/office
  • Up and coming calendar (2 weeks)
  • Anything else that’s pertinent to you..?

Step 2 – Read and assess current status of longer-term plans – what next actions are required?

Step 3 – Process in – capture ‘stuff’ into the appropriate place e.g. calendar, action lists, reference material and of course bin what you don’t need.

Step 4 – Establish and write down key priorities for the coming week – be clear what success looks like.

Step 5  – Check balance across your roles and values – make adjustment if appropriate.

Goal 30 to 60 minutes

Of course things will change and you’ll need to adapt. Having completed this exercise you’ll have a reference point to assess those changes against. Give it a go and see how you get on.

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