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Flip itFlip It – a terrific book. A really accessible read packed with ideas and strategies that you can put into action straight away. Don’t be deceived though. The simplicity doesn’t mean the content is trivial. There’s some really powerful things here that when implemented will have quite dramatic results.

I guess the cynics could just say that flip is ‘just’ a component of NLP – reframing. An alternative way to think about it or a ‘flip it’ way is that it’s a guide to reframing for those who could get turned off from some of the formal language used in many NLP books.

Respectful of your time, Michael Heppell has organised the book in such a way that you can pick it up time and again for a cracking jolt to the way you think about situations.

Michael himself is an interesting character with a range of other books to his name. He’s worth checking out if you’re not familiar.

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