Five Things 4 Feb 2017

Five Things 4 Feb 2017

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Each week I hear, see and experience things which could be of benefit for others. Picking up on an idea from Tim Ferris – I thought I’d do a short blog to share some of them.  He shares his every week. I suspect mine will be a little more sporadic. Here goes.


App of interestInstasize After numerous, quite frustrating hours working to right size a particular image for social media I finally admitted I needed help. After a brief conversation with my nephew he introduced me to the Instasize App. Within a couple of minutes the image was all sorted. Is there something you could use a little external help with?

Quote I’ve been pondering – Comparison is the thief of joy – Roosevelt. I’ve also seen this with the word happiness replacing joy. I like this version more. Sorry FDR.

Film I’ve enjoyedTheory of Everything I’m fairly late to the party with watching the highly acclaimed and award winning 2014 movie which depicts the life of Professor Stephen Hawking. It was even better than I’d anticipated. Multiple examples of personal resilience. Certainly Hawking’s challenges with motor neurone disease (ALS), put the challenges I face into perspective. If you’ve not seen it, check it out.

Wine I’ve enjoyed – Giant Steps – Really tasty Pinot Noir (2014) from Yarra Valley, Australia.  Thanks PL.

Business insight that made me think. I was lucky to have a meeting with Barnardos, Education, Training and Skills team this week.  They do a huge amount of great work in supporting young adults to get employment. Often the challenges of holding down jobs and apprenticeships are a stretch for many as they make their transition to become self-sufficient; given their challenging start points. The team have a range of supportive interventions to help. Patience and small incremental progress is the key to success.  It takes time to reinforce the basics that so many of us simply take for granted. Their powerful Believe in Me campaign captures this spirit nicely.

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