Five things 28 Jan 2017

Five things 28 Jan 2017

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Each week I hear, see and experience things which could be of benefit for others. Picking up on an idea from Tim Ferris – I thought I’d do a short blog to share some of them.  He shares his every week. I suspect mine will be a little more sporadic. Here goes.

Book I’m readingTools of Titans, Tim Ferris. He describes this as a ‘collection of tactics, routines and habits of billionaires, icons and world class performers’. It draws heavily on his interviews over the years, which if you’re interested in learning more about you can catch on the four hour work week podcast. For me this book has things you can use straight away, things that you’ll want to skip over (as they are just not relevant to your circumstances) and things that will challenge the way you think.

A phrase I’ve heard – strategic patience. Patience is a relative word. This made me think about some of the projects I’m involved in. Are there things you’re doing that need more time or if you’re really honest you just need to call time?

A podcast that made me thinkMobile Talk at #SXSW with Bonin Bough – this is a great example of a clash between new and old media. Gary Vaynerchuk in full flight taking on more established marketing thinking.

Music I’ve been Listening to – Bad Bad Not Good. Canadian jazz hip hop group. Gilles Peterson put me on to this at the back end of 2016. Quirky off beat tunes. Time Moves Slowly – isn’t typical of the group. It’s more mellow. It resonated with me though. Thanks GP.

Service that made me smile – I was eating with a client in Cafe Rouge. When taking our order the waiter was nervous. He got one of our orders completely wrong. Realising what had happened, he came back this time extremely nervous and apologised. He explained it was his first night and had messed up. He got things sorted quickly (also they took the dish off the bill). By showing his human side and taking responsibility he got us both on his ‘side’. How often do we ‘mess up’ and then look for excuses rather than take responsibility?

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