Examples of Effective Challenge work

Time to Change?

I’ll work with you to bring the change you want to see to life. Adapting the approach to meet your personal, your teams or organization need. You could find what you’re looking for from the range of impactful packages to support the common elements of change. Alternatively, some people prefer a more tailored approach to support their specific circumstances. Either way working together starts with a first conversation.

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Personal Packages

There are a range of Personal Packages to cater for different situations you might face. And if there's a situation where we don't have a package there's a Bespoke option where a package can be developed following an initial no obligation conversation

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Team Packages

EC has a range of team options working with small groups up to groups of around 50 people to make progress in a particular area. A mix of coaching, theory, learning from each other's experience and exercises help to generate fresh insight and clarity about how to move situations forward. The work relates to your specific objectives and all discussions are conducted in a safe environment where people can speak openly and make progress in the challenges they face. Examples include Raising Resilience, developing a team Way of Working for improved performance and getting more out of yourself and others.

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Working with individuals and teams to transform their performance and results in a sustained way. Working as a coach I have a role to judge the balance between challenge and support. Using a mix of questions, models and open conversation the coaching relationship will help bring clarity to situations and as a result fresh insight about what to do. Whether working with an individual or team coaching provides a safe environment to explore situations. Being held to account enables people to improve their performance and results.


Sometimes it's useful to get the benefit of someone else's perspective and experience. That's where EC switches from coaching to consulting mode. This can accelerate progress and drive up delivery. We would work closely to frame what your specific ask looks like. Examples of previous consulting include strategy development, business change, programme & project troubleshooting.

Meeting and Event Facilitation

There are occasions when having an independent person to facilitate your event or meeting bring about fresh thinking and help make progress with challenging situations. Examples include developing an executive team business plan, prioritising a technology investment portfolio and running offsite events to build a teams leadership capacity.

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Critical Friend and Delivery Assurance

Using a neutral third-party to provide independent challenge improves results. Done in a constructive and non-judgemental way when working with clients I encourage trust and openness and help increase accountability to a particular goal or outcome. Examples include sitting on executive team delivery boards, assuring programme & project achievability and forming part of a recruitment panel.

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