Raising awareness about how we are using our energy and thinking about the impact of others on it puts us in a stronger position to perform at our best.


Where we can, organising what we need to do to coincide with when we have most energy is a great first base to achieve. For example - many of the people we work with describe themselves as being at their best first thing in the morning. When we discuss how they spend this premium time we find they sort out their inbox and then find when it comes to being strategic and or creative they’ve run out of juice. Consciously understanding your energy and then making adjustments can have a powerful impact.


The impact of others on our energy divides into two groups. We call these the ‘givers’ and ‘sappers’. In both cases often nothing physically in the world has changed after you’ve interacted with them. However, you’ll have been invigorated to take on the challenges you face or dragged down. Thinking about who you interact with and deciding which camp they fall into is an insightful exercise. It’s unrealistic for most people to eliminate the 'sappers' from their lives – however, you can with proactive effort reduce the time you spend with them or where it's unavoidable do it when you are less susceptible to the ‘sapping’ ways.



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