jigsawIts struck me over the last few weeks when talking and working with a number of individuals how important it is to break down the component parts of any future success you want to achieve. Some up front thinking here can really help shape and focus any plans that you construct.

The more I’ve thought about this the stronger the case develops that this type of thinking approach can apply to the short, medium and longer term goals that you want to achieve.There’s a chance you might get blindsided to something that is really important simply because you’re too close to what you want to achieve. Emotion and excitement can override your more rational thinking here.  To offset this potential and get more input, try testing out your thinking with others to help make sure you’ve got all bases covered. This also has the added benefit of signaling your intent beyond just you.

When you’ve got everything listed out you can start thinking how you could become excellent at achieving what’s required to meet the demands of the event or activity. Challenge yourself to get beyond the basics here. Take your thinking and action to a new level.

Here’s an example to bring this thinking to life. So you want to improve your overall health. Quite quickly you could develop the key demands of such an objective – for example, fitness, weight management, stress management etc. I’ll pick one item to illustrate the point – weight management  For some the demands of weight management relate to food intake and weight. Anyone thinking along these lines is right. There is however an opportunity to go a little deeper. How about your knowledge of nutrition, ability to put together tasty menus and cook them. If any of these areas are not as you’d like them once you’ve done the thinking you’ve got concrete items for inclusion in your development plan.

So focusing on the demands of a particular objective can really help unlock what’s required to increase the chances and quality of your success. As with any type of approach just thinking is not enough. You will need to translate the thinking into positive action.

Good luck and why not share your experiences with other Effective Challenge readers?

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