Damian’s story

I'll pick up my story when I was working in low-level admin roles in the UK government. That all changed in 1994 when I decided to take responsibility for me. The journey has been challenging. Things that are worthwhile so often are.  Fast forward to the summer of 2012 and the London Olympic Games. I find myself as a senior manager leading teams of specialists who have a key role in delivering a safe and secure Olympics. What makes me most proud is not the role I play in the games itself, but the journey I’ve been on to get myself in that position.

I've built up 30 years of experience predominately working in the security and defence sector, where I've performed a wide range of roles. These include developing organisational strategy and investment plans, leading transformational change programmes, and leading teams operating in pressurised environments.  As a result, I've been able to develop a real practical understanding of people and what it takes to tackle challenges to be successful.

My own development is varied, from electronic engineering to an MBA which included a dissertation in Emotional Intelligence. To get practical development I spent time with a top-tier strategy consultancy working with FTSE 100 companies.  I'm also a fellow of the Institute of Engineering & Technology and a certified MBTI practitioner. 

In 2013 I setup Effective Challenge to enable me to transfer my experience and work with people from multiple sectors. Through coaching, consulting and leadership development, I now help people to develop their own approach to improve performance. I call this the 'effective challenge' (hence the company name). My approach is very practical, getting to the heart of what makes an individual or team tick. Adapting what I know to different settings is really rewarding.  I've come to learn that it's essential to get the basics in place to achieve success. That starts with personal foundations. 

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