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Legacy – Leadership Lessons from the All Blacks

LegacyFor those wanting to gain insight into the characteristics of elite performance you will have your time well spent reading James Kerr’s book Legacy. It covers in a readily digestible way, the approach the All Black use to get the best out of their people. At the heart of the ethos put forward is the fact that ‘better people’ make better All Blacks. Kerr makes a compelling case that the approach adopted is readily transferable into other settings. I agree. 

 The book is designed around 15 lessons.  These include: 

1) Sweep the sheds –  never be too big to do the small jobs that need to be done.

2) Pass the ball – leaders create leaders

3) Train to win – practice under pressure.

Throughout the book Kerr quotes from the experiences of current and previous All Blacks. He also draws nicely from other sports, business and leadership development literature. The result is a really decent and motivating read. Still need convincing – take a peep at the short video to give an even greater insight.

Get to or got to?

mindsetI love hearing things which challenge the way I think about different different situations.  The other day I heard the question “how does your mindset change if you change the start of the sentence from I’ve got to do something to I get to do something?”.  It’s a small yet potentially powerful adjustment.  Here are a few examples:


  1. I’ve got to go running. I get to go running.
  2. I’ve got to do the school run. I get to do the school run.
  3. I’ve got to write this appraisal. I get to write this appraisal.
It strikes me that the ‘get to’ version is more positive and appreciative.  It can help bring perspective and encourages to us to acknowledge the often privileged position we are in. Try it today and see what happens to your attitude.

Learning from Monsters Inc.

sully mikeExcited at a trip to see the latest Disney Pixar movie Monsters University, my daughter wanted to rewatch the first film in the series, Monsters Inc. I took three things away from the movie that I wasn’t expecting. And more importantly they could readily be applied to everyday life.

  1. In the movie all the monsters ‘believe’ that children are toxic and if you get touched by a child your life is under threat. Of course that’s not the case. It took some time for Sully (the movies star) to realise that was just a false perception. What have you been told by others and have just accepted?
  2. The Monsters spend their days trying to extract screams from children. The screams are then converted into energy. Almost by accident Sully realises that laughter is much more powerful than screams. This ended up being a complete shift in the way the company was run. How open are you to new ways of working?
  3. And finally, the slogan of the company ‘working today for a brighter future’. I don’t think this needs any explanation. What are you currently working on that will improve your future?

Why don’t you look to learn from alternative places over the next week?