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Live Life Love WorkLive life, Love work is definitely¬†worth the read. The opening line of the introduction sums the spirit of the book up nicely “this book is for real people with real lives…”. Kate Burton takes you on a journey to explore how you currently think about the different areas in you life and question how much you are enjoying life versus purely getting by.

Using a backdrop of different forms of energy Kate takes the reader through a series of questions to get them thinking and viewing their current and future positions from different angles. The energy forms are: physical, mental, emotional, purposeful. The book gets wrapped up with a push that will generate action for change. The goal is to help individuals “stay sane, healthy and optimistic without chucking in their jobs, leaving friends and family to head to the beach, the mountains or the other side of the world”.

In summary, this book nicely presents how to view and in many ways audit your current life. It then provides a framework on which you can make adjustments. It’s nicely written and in places thought provoking. For those people who are avid personal development readers you’ll probably not find anything revolutionary. What you will find is an alternative way of thinking about things. If taking action from the book I imagine you’ll see improvement over time rather than an immediate quick fix.¬†Which for me makes the book well worth the investment.

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