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Chimp paradox I’ve followed with interest the involvement Steve Peters has had with British cycling for a numbers of years. To say that he has played a significant part in the success of British cycling is an understatement. Often described as a coach of the mind Steve Peters has worked closely with individuals to help them understand and manage their emotions. The results are impressive.  Peters has captured the approach he uses in a book entitled the Chimp Paradox.

Why chimp? In the book the metaphor of a chimp is used as a short hand for the voice inside your head. Why paradox? Peters makes the case that the chimp is your best friend (helping you avoid real danger) and enemy to you fulfilling your potential (the voice of doubt and anger). 
I’ve read a number of books on the mind and workings of the brain. For me the Chimp Paradox stands out as it simplifies a complicated subject into something that is very readable and practical. Having read the book readers will have a much better understanding of what is going on in their mind and more importantly how to influence it. 
The book content is applicable in multiple settings from sport to business to everyday relationships in life. I’d encourage people to get engaged with the content and reread the it a few times as its rich in depth which can get overlooked on a first read through.
I’ve included below a link  an interview with Steve Peters from the BBC programme Hard Talk. This show was filmed in the summer of 2012.
Youtube logo Steve Peters on BBC Hard Talk
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