7 habits coverThis is where my personal productivity journey began back in 1996. A chance purchase in a motorway service station that literally changed the way I view the world. This is a book that I read extracts from on a regular basis. Each habit is rich in its own right but put them altogether and there’s something really rather powerful. Do I religiously follow the 7 habits? No. The knowledgeable among you will have already spotted that there are some discrepancies between GTD and the 7 Habits (I’ve already mentioned the two in an earlier posting http://goo.gl/DdyIo). There are however elements which feel very powerful and timeless. Sadly Doctor Covey passed away in 2012 following a cycling accident. I was fortunate to meet him a few years back and he certainly had a presence. He would always encourage people to ‘leave a legacy’. Its fair to say that in my opinion he certainly did that.

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Dr Stephen Covey talking about the 7 habits



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