Body Language observations from the London Broncos

It was a chilly late winter afternoon at the Trailfinders Stadium as the London Broncos achieved a convincing win over the Barrow Raiders. I don’t have a huge amount of Rugby League experience. Each time I go to watch a match I’m impressed with the speed and power at which the game is played. I do however have a good insight into the body language of people. I observed three themes during the game.

  1. A number of the coaching staff were in shorts. I couldn’t help notice that many of them were literally shivering as they barked orders from the dugout. One of the things I encourage people to do is create an environment for you to perform at your best. I’d be surprised if there wasn’t a voice inside the coaching staffs’ head which was complaining about the temperature and biting wind. I wonder how much this distracted from watching and focusing on the game 100%? There may well be some advantage to wearing shorts on the touchline. It wasn’t obvious. Perhaps a tradition? How are you shaping your environment to help you be at your best?  Are you doing the equivalent of ‘wearing shorts on the touchline’ in your role?
  2. There was a category of player who was constantly communicating and encouraging others to focus and stay alert – I’ll call this category the radiators. In play or during breaks their approach didn’t change. I suspect they’d have a disproportionately positive impact on their teammates. What could you be doing to be more ‘radiating’ in your team and get others to ‘raise their game’?
  3. An alternative category was the players who looked as though they were doing the team a favour, just by being on the pitch. In stark contrast to the radiators.  I’m going to call these people the sappers. How are they different. Little to no communication with others and followed the game up and down as opposed to being a driving force. What’s your strategy for handling sappers on your team?

I need to give a caveat to the sapper observation. There could be many reasons why someone is in a sapper mood. In sport sometimes deliberate. Or perhaps a personal situation which is distracting them.  I stand by the need for a strategy though. Leaving the sapper unchecked can be toxic to a team and equally important damaging to the individual.

As for the afternoon. It was decent entertainment and the Broncos got their season off to a winning start.

As always, I’m interested in your thoughts and reaction.

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