Basics Done Brilliantly – Agendas

Basics Done Brilliantly – Agendas

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Working with a team last week we were discussing their ‘basics done brilliantly’ list. It was a very practical session and certainly a lively discussion. It was great to see them really challenge each other to boil things down. One of the elements which I thought worth sharing was a discussion about the quality of their meetings.

One component which they tested was the quality of their meeting agendas. As a team they were better than some I’ve worked with. They have an agenda for all meetings – even circulated in advance and with a lead person assigned to each topic. They decided this wasn’t good enough. To push things on they decided their meeting agendas would be outcome focused and include a verb.

To bring this to life. An agenda item that would have previously been ‘Group Structure’ would now become ‘Decide on new group structure option and agree how we will communicate to staff’. This relatively modest adjustment pushes the quality of the discussion up at least a notch or two.

Defining the basics is obviously only the first step. Living them is another matter. This team assesses itself across their list of their defined basics. It was great to hear the discussion that took place. The level of self awareness and appraisal was impressive. Just by knowing you will assess yourself typically increases your level of commitment.

Does your team have a defined set of basics to do brilliantly? If you do, how often are you assessing how well you’re living them?

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