Are you ready for 2020?

Are you ready for 2020?

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No the title of this post isn’t a typo. 2019 is here and there is plenty of talk about new year resolutions; as there is every January.  I’m not a huge advocate of the typical short-term nature of NYRs. When creating them people tend to set up unrealistic expectations which create an unhelpful gap when they come into contact with the reality of everyday life. The result is that people find their initial optimism goes, followed quickly by their motivation. The next stage is finding themselves back where they started. I bet you know someone who has been through this experience. If you’re honest it might even be you. I prefer the concept of FYOs.

Following Year Outcomes. This approach gives a bigger picture context to what you could achieve. Getting clarity about what you’d like to have achieved by the start of the following year and giving yourself and a full 12-months to make progress. I see consistently that people overestimate what’s possible in the short-term and underestimate what’s possible in the medium to long-term. The FYO approach can help you make some more informed choices to tackle this.

Just having meaningful FYOs isn’t enough. In fact, on their own, they are not that much better than the resolutions. If you really want to see the 2020 new year celebrations with the things you desire achieved then you need to work on a few other elements.  They do take effort however perhaps not as much as you think. Here’s three to consider.

  1. 90-day plans. Giving yourself twelve months doesn’t mean you sit around until November and then cram all your activity into the final stages of 2019. If you want to increase the chances of success you’ll need something more tangible than a 12-month horizon.  I’m a fan of 90 Day plans. Long enough to get you moving tangibly to what you want and short enough to avoid procrastination. Taking the FYO and breaking it into smaller yet stretching activities gives you aiming points to help maintain focus and motivation.
  2. Weekly Planning and Review. Narrowing down your 90 day plans further by introducing the weekly plan and review session gives you the opportunity to ensure your priorities are kept in the forefront of your mind and regularly assessed for the progress you’re making. They also provide an early warning mechanism to adjust where necessary.
  3. External Accountability. It’s all very well having great outcomes, goals and plans however if we really want to achieve something of worth you need to take action. An obvious point yet often overlooked point. How many people buy gym memberships to get fit yet fail to cross the threshold after the initial enthusiasm dwindles. Committing to your plans publically can really help with this and having someone to help hold you to account when your own motivation dips can be the difference between success and giving up.

Is 2019 the year when you push your own commitment and results to a new level? If it is then the start of 2020 bodes well. Give Following Year Outcomes a go and see if they change your outlook.

If 2019 is going to be your year of pushing on and you’d like support to help you achieve, my January coaching registration is still open. Let’s have a no-obligation conversation to see how I could help.

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