Effective Challenge resilience work

Effective Challenge works with individuals and teams to improve their resilience and results.

We are all different. Therefore working out what strategies, tools and techniques we need to tackle the day-to-day more effectively, improve our performance to take on bigger goals and achieve a better balance across the different demands we face is key.

Working closely with the client we work out what their version of being effective is like. Then together we develop an approach that will get them functioning at their best more of the time. To do this a plan is developed which has two goals:

  1. Reduce how far people move away from being at their best.
  2. Speed up the time it takes to get back to operating effectively.

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The company was founded by Damian Piper. He’s passionate about understanding how people achieve success and then seeing how these lessons can apply to others.  His personal journey draws on over 25 years of experience working in environments that require the highest standards of personal leadership and corporate performance. With a background in security and defence, Damian has worked in and with teams that operate in high-pressure environments. His experience is underpinned with academic qualifications including an MBA where he completed his dissertation in emotional intelligence.  He has also spent time at a top-tier strategy consultancy working with FTSE 100 clients and is a certified MBTI practitioner.

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